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Craig Burgess, attorney at law, successfully defends local OB GYN in Orange County Supreme Court



Craig Burgess successfully defended a local OB GYN in an Orange County Supreme Court trial. Plaintiff claimed that our client negligently failed to timely diagnose and treat a post-operative infection after an open hysterectomy leading to her developing necrotizing fasciitis. Plaintiff alleged that as a result of the wrong-doing, she required several extensive surgical procedures, including a total abdominal wall reconstruction leaving her with significant physical deficits and the inability to work. However, the jury agreed that the plaintiff showed no signs or symptoms of an infection during the hospitalization at issue; that our client appropriately treated the patient during the hospitalization; and further agreed that our client did not depart from good care during a series of telephone calls, which occurred after discharge when the patient’s necrotizing fasciitis manifested. The jury agreed that the necrotizing fasciitis was a very rare, acute and aggressive infection that was not diagnosable or treatable during the timeframe at issue. Ultimately, after a three-week trial, plaintiff requested that the jury award her $7.9M for loss of earnings and pain and suffering. However, the jury found no wrong doing on the part of the physician and exonerated our client.

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