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$250,000 car accident settlement just before trial

car accident settlement


A 70 year old man was stopped on Route 22 in Dover to make a left turn into the parking lot of a local restaurant. He had his turn signal on, but was rear ended by an inattentive driver. Our client immediately complained of low back pain radiating up towards his neck and was taken by ambulance to the emergency room at Putnam Hospital Center. After the car accident, his condition worsened and he needed surgery. The surgery provided some relief, but it did not alleviate the pain entirely. He also suffered an aggravation of a preexisting condition that causes tremors in both his arms and legs. Despite testing that showed our client had pre-existing degenerative disc disease in his low back and evidence that the tremors existed before the crash, we proved to the defendant’s satisfaction that our client’s complaints were likely related to the crash and obtained a significant settlement of $250,000 just before trial. Click here to learn more about our personal injury services.

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